Quittie Paintball Association


Please email captain Elliot Beatty for more information in the field of sponsorship opportunities.


The course was set up from the owners personal funds, and we are currently in the red. Any bit of money can and will help. These funds will be used to directly benefit the course itself, and no one but you the players will gain from this financial support. This means more guns, gas, supplies, and course features for you. The more you donate, the better your experience may be here at Quittie Paintball. 

Quittie Paintball Association Donations...50% of which goes to THON
THON, spearheading youth cancer research, is an organization always looking for donations. Help Quittie Paintball and THON at the same time by donating here!

Quittie Paintball Association Donations
Donations! Every little bit counts, and it goes straight to course improvements.